Our Resident Artists! These artists are regularly displaying artwork. They generally change their art at the gallery for each 6 week session. CLICK ON THE ARTIST'S NAME TO SEE MORE OF THEIR ART

Diana  Gouy


Using alcohol inks Diana creates stunning art work. At first glance one's eyes become fixed on the brilliant colors and intriguing composition.


Patrick Henning

Patrick has a unique, 'light touch" style of water color.




Allison Norfleet-Bruenger


Allison's jewelry creations are one of a kind. With her creative mind she first sketches out a design then she carefully crafts a piece to match.




John had a successful illustration and retouching studio for over 13 years in Boston. Many of his customers were advertising agencies, blue chip corporations and magazines. In 1986 he illustrated the album cover for the rock band Boston and was awarded a platinum album. His work has appeared in many national magazines including Rolling Stone and Sport Illustrated and in countless corporate brochures.Returning to his artistic roots after 20+ years in the corporate marketing world he began making art again, this time as a fine artist. John works mostly in acrylics and uses both brush and airbrush technique to accomplish his paintings. His style is elegant realism. Subject images include portraits, landscapes, still life, figurative and nature. John is available for commissions.


Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson is the creator, curator and keeper of a large collection of curios  that he collectively calls CAT WORKS. He works like a painter, but instead of using a brush he invents situations of altered realities with digital processors. By using original and repurposed vintage photography, along with heavily painted and designed elements, that he layers and meticulously stitches together.

 The artist strives to produce a strong visual experience. SOME storytelling contained within is multi-layered and complex, MANY reveal deeper meanings with further viewing. ALL are easy to live with even as they invite

study and comment. I would compared this sophisticated work to a "three dimensional New Yorker cartoon"...and sometimes, William Hogarth's "mini morality plays".

 -an admirer on Flickr

Digital processing and composition programs are main tools. Highest quality archival papers and inks are used to produce strict limited editions that are personally signed and numbered.


My web site link is http://www.catworks-online.com




My inspiration comes from nature painted with vibrant colors and impressionistic fell that you get from using soft pastels. Many of my landscapes depict lakes, rivers, streams, etc, sunrises and sunsets.

Juliette Travous 


Jeff McKee

Phenonmenal scupltures, crafted from stone or wood.

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